Saltville residents have access to

both public and private educational institutions that offer a wide range of quality educational services. Access to gym facilities, civic and fraternal organizations, including many civic sport activities. Saltville’s public schools are part of the Smyth County School system. All of the Smyth County schools are accredited by the Virginia Department of Education and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The school system fully meets the Standards of Quality mandated by the Virginia General Assembly and the State Board of Education.

Over the last seven years,

the county has earned six Excellence in Education Awards and seven Certificates of Recognition from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State university, and over 45% of the teachers hold advanced degrees. Smyth County schools have a dropout rate less than 1% and maintain a 95% attendance rate. Approximately 75% of the graduates continue their education after high school.

Saltville offers residents a relaxed lifestyle

Rich in history, delightful Southern charm and old-fashioned hospitality,

the Town of Saltville is located in Southwest Virginia, on the border of Smyth and Washington Counties. We are 10 minutes off of Interstate 81 (Exit 35 via Route 107 or Exit 29 via Route 91), an easy, scenic drive through the mountains. Saltville was the Confederacy's main source of salt during the War Between the States. From prehistoric animals and earliest humans to mankind's landing on the moon, Saltville offers a fascinating window into Southwest Virginia's natural attractions such as the Museum of the Middle Appalachians.

Blending old-fashioned charm with progressive economic development policies,

Saltville offers residents a relaxed lifestyle, a strong sense of community, and a highly skilled workforce with an excellent work ethic.