Our Town Crews are the lifeblood of our community and in their daily operations they keep everything running and we offer our sincere gratitude and thanks!

All bills paid at the Saltville Town Hall. Water, sewer, taxes, wave pool passes or tickets can be paid by cash, check or credit card for your convenience.

Water, Sewer, and Garbage Collection Services
Town of Saltville: Water & Sewer Department:
(276) 496-5030 (ext 22)

Veolia Water and Sewer:
(276) 496-0231

Town of Saltville Waterworks Questionnaire (download here)
Town of Saltville Annual Drinking Water Quality Report (download here)

Fire Department
Saltville Volunteer Fire Department:
(276) 496-7113 (dial 911 for emergencies)

Rescue & Ambulance Service
Saltville Rescue Squad:
(276) 496-4531 (dial 911 for emergencies)

Saltville Public Library:
(276) 496-5514 – located at 111 Palmer Avenue in downtown Saltville

Golf Course
Saltville Golf Course:
(276) 496-7779 – located on Stadium Drive in downtown Saltville